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The country of the dragon

The miracle of ‘life’ takes place right in front of our eyes, all the time and everywhere. On the Dragon Trail, an energy adventure path, all ages, just like in an open-air classroom, are invited to listen to the exciting and memorable lectures given by master Nature. Discover step by step, one stop at a time, this unique adventure called Nature with the little dragon and help him solve these difficult tasks.

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The canyon of the dragon

The adventure path is excellent for a family trip as well as for schools seen from a didactical point of view.

Give us a visit in Trebesing – You will be amazed!

Pupils & teachers

Students and teachers watch out

The adventure path is perfect as an “open air classroom”. You can get further information and details directly via email. Please write us a short message in this regard.


Map Energie-Erlebnisweg

The history

It all began in the Dragon Gorge. The hero of our story, the little dragon, lives there and struggles to accept his bitter fate. He was born with massive feet and stumbles over and steps on everything that stands in his way. Things get really bad when he triggers a rock slide on the way to meet his dragon girl, burying his loved one and her family. To get rid of his massive feet, he has to solve three difficult tasks. Will he succeed and will his massive feet shrink?

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